Venue Compliance and Security Management

Preampt is changing the security game for bars, pubs and clubs all over the world. Be informed in real-time of incidents that occur in venues close to you, track your staff shifts and maintain legislative compliant records of everything all in one place!

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Incident Register

Automatically keep your records maintained in a way that's compliant with NSW Liquour and Gaming standards. Register any incidents that occur at your venue through our phone or web applications.

Shift tracking

Preampt allows your employees to sign into their shifts, we keep an accurate and up to date record of all employee sign ins!

Local Alerts

Preampt sends a notification straight to your phone or other device when an incident is reported close to your current location. You can also browse all reported incidents for a complete picture of what's currently happening in your town or city.



  • Unlimited users
  • Local alerts
  • Instant messaging
  • Unlimited incidents
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